Sanitas recently launched BluaU, a new insurance policy that incorporates digital monitoring and observation of pathologies. A new step towards personalised medicine, based on data, which allows professionals to treat their patients based on constantly updated information.

Through Sanitas App, users can access to “Monitor your Health” service, based on the “Connected Health” telemonitoring platform, linked to the insurer’s medical team, which monitors and manages alerts for the hundreds of customers who already benefit from this programme to date.

The programme started with 5 profiles: weight control, arrhythmias, asthma or COPD, health in pregnancy and COVID-19, to which the blood pressure control profile has recently been added. Patients in each of these profiles are constantly monitored through digital tools by the Sanitas medical team.

LifeVit devices provide the measurements that are managed in these programmes: the LifeVit Kryos smart scale is used in the weight control and pregnancy monitoring programme; the LifeVit OL-750 pulse oximeter in the COVID-19 programme and the LifeVit BPM-200   blood pressure monitor in the new arterial hypertension programme. The data obtained from the measurements are automatically integrated via Bluetooth into the connected health platform and a medical team, the health promotion service (SPS), digitally follows up the patient. Users can also monitor the evolution of their data through the My Sanitas App and contact their medical team on demand by video consultation.

Monitor your health is a platform that involves users in their health care and gives them peace of mind knowing that their health is under control at all times. At the same time, the platform offers advantages for doctors, helping them to monitor their health more accurately and detect possible deviations in time.

According to César Morcillo, Medical Director of Sanitas Digital Hospital, “with Monitoriza tu Salud, we have shown that using devices that allow us to see the evolution of various pathologies makes it easier for the medical team to set up alerts, monitor their evolution and detect possible alterations, and at the same time educate the patient about their illness”.
The combination of LifeVit medical devices, a solid technological platform and Sanitas’ powerful professional team, result in an efficient and agile management of the new digital patient.

blua u

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