The role of the pharmacy in healthcare is fundamental and the use of new technologies is also revolutionising the pharmaceutical sector, both professionals and users have adapted new technologies that allow their relationship to evolve.

The General Council of Pharmaceutical Associations has set out a strategy for the evolution of the care model towards a more innovative concept: the digital pharmacy. With a firm commitment to the use of new technologies with the aim, among others, of improving the quality of care services, this evolution will be a boost for the application of 5P healthcare: personalised, predictive, preventive, participative and population-based.

The Farmactiva Group is committed to services that generate value for its associates and has initiated the implementation of a new digital patient monitoring service thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with LifeVit.

The associated pharmacies can offer LifeVit vital signs and healthy habits monitoring devices to their patients together with a professional telemonitoring service. Thus, parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, weight, degree of obesity, etc… can be monitored remotely by pharmacists.

Through the LifeVit app and with three simple steps, users of this service can link their measurements with their pharmacy so that the data is synchronised with their professional. Pharmacists can access the LifeVit Professional Platform, using any web device, to monitor their patients and make the necessary recommendations in each case.

In this way, regular vital signs checks and nutrition plan follow-ups are digitised: users take their measurements without leaving their home and remote follow-ups can be carried out. The convenience, the automation of data recording and the immediacy of information exchange are the main advantages of the service.

With this new service, the Farmactiva Group reaffirms its commitment to connected health and allows its associates to evolve their relationship with their customers, relying on technology and maintaining the value of professional service.

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