Remote monitoring study of patients with COVID-19 after hospital discharge with a connected health platform.

Recently, Sanitas has carried out a study that tries to evaluate the effectiveness of its remote monitoring platform, Connected Health, for outpatient follow-up after discharge from hospital for COVID-19.

The method used was a prospective observational study of patients discharged from the hospital with COVID-19 infection between March 23 and May 25, 2020, who were followed for a month with the Connected Health platform of Sanitas. The mobile phone application connected to a LifeVit OL-750 pulse oximeter made it possible to measure vital signs and answer health questionnaires daily, and alert the medical team that could be contacted by video consultation.

95 patients (64% male) with a mean age of 54 (26-81) years were included. The application allowed the detection of pain alerts (80% of patients) and a decrease in oxygen saturation (12%). No patient required readmission to hospital or presented complications. The application allowed a strict monitoring of symptoms and quality of life. The main symptom was severe pain (59% of patients) followed by anxiety or depression (25%). The mean health status was 65 (from 20-100). COVID-19 caused a low impact on the quality of life of 62% of patients, although 8% reported a significant limitation, due to lack of air and when leaving home

The conclusion of the study reveals that telemonitoring allows remote and secure monitoring of patients after discharge from hospital for COVID-19. The Connected Health application has allowed the measurement of oxygen saturation, symptoms and quality of life, and the detection and management of alerts by the medical team through video consultation.

This study has been published by Doctor César Morcillo Serra from Hospital Sanitas Digital in Barcelona and his team.

The full study can be read at the following address: