The BioRegion of Catalonia: perspective view of the life and health sciences sector.

The study published by CataloniaBio & HealthTech shows the positive evolution of the digital health hub that brings together more than 200 companies in Catalonia, with sustained growth since 2010 and which has experienced a “boom” in investment and billing in recent years.

90% of the companies are newly created startups with a small size, but there are also medium and large companies that make up an innovative and dynamic ecosystem that offers solutions for the prevention, treatment and monitoring of health and lifestyle habits. that impact on it.

Digital health companies are growing rapidly and offer a wide range of digital solutions (telemedicine, telemonitoring, health services, home care, insurance companies, diagnostic services …), thus becoming a key sector to successfully face the challenges of a panorama as uncertain and changing as the current one. The global crisis generated by SARS-CoV-2 has put unprecedented pressure on the health system and has shown the need to promote innovation in the sector.

LifeVit is part of the patient monitoring segment (telemonitoring), thanks to partnerships with different telemedicine companies and insurers, offering the possibility of adding vital signs measurement to remote consultations.

Investments in the sector in recent years have made it possible to consolidate the ecosystem and apply innovative solutions in health system products and services. Digital innovation in health is expected to place Barcelona in a privileged position as a technology hub in the coming years . A sign of this is the presence of numerous companies in the Barcelona Health Hub and the opening of the new Barcelona Tech City Hub .

The ecosystem faces a series of challenges, the overcoming of which will make it possible to consolidate the digital health segment: clinical validation of innovations, optimization of AI techniques, attraction of investments, adoption of innovation in the public health system and business consolidation from digital health companies.


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