The elderly are the social group that has been most affected by this COVID19 pandemic. In the coming years, they will be a preferred group of care in the field of social innovation, focused on active and healthy aging (AHA, in English). From LIFEVIT we are providing a technological solution within a Social Innovation Project funded by the Valencia City Council, which addresses the problem of drug adherence in older people. For this we are collaborating closely with INICIATIVA SOCIAL INTEGRAL, the company that has promoted the VITAPHARMA + project, to help the elderly to better manage their medications.

This project is going to put in about twenty homes of elderly people who live alone, technological devices that help them to take better medication. Among the selected solutions, the PR-500 medication alert bracelet with bluetooth connection, which we have developed at LIFEVIT together with the management App with notification to relatives, has become one of the star solutions that will be tested on throughout this pilot that will end early next year. The relationship between the price and the solution it provides has made it the device with the greatest number of scenarios to prove the benefit of drug management.

One of the results of this project is to develop a web page that brings together all possible technological solutions for adherence, from free Apps to sophisticated management systems with videoconferencing and facial and voice recognition to dispense medicines. This website, which will be available at the end of May, aims to be a state reference for all those who want to receive real user evaluations of the solutions to be tested in the field.

Among the Use Cases where our PR-500 bracelet will be operative, we will have those of an elderly person who lives alone, another elderly person who has a family member to support the management of medications and a third who will have the support of the Help Desk INICIATIVA SOCIAL INTEGRAL and / or a pharmacy. No other solution that makes up the project will be tested in so many different scenarios. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the management of notices by luminous LEDs of our bracelet makes it especially suitable for the elderly, and with a very affordable cost AND, on the other hand, to the interest of LIFEVIT in participating in this type of social innovation projects for the elderly, which, as in this case, helps to solve a serious social problem, such as medication.

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